Other Services

There really is no limit to what the future possibilities will be for this kind of technology but some areas we are exploring at the moment are listed below. 


  • Allowing businesses to sponsor an area of street view in the zenith/nadir (the area you see when you ‘look down’ on street view)

  • Mapping previous areas that Google has yet to add to Street View

  • Using Google Street View to advertise your brand by sponsoring a section 

  • Add a museum so that everyone can explore 

  • Make a shop an interactive tour, allowing purchases online as customers browse

  • Add a lidar camera with camera footage collecting tens of thousands of data points a second for game development or precise measurements in construction

  • Creating specific VR walkthrough

  • Add a marina to Google so that boats can find it easy to navigate to the correct bay

  • Disaster management. Collecting data quickly for rescue management or even for insurance companies to calculate damage cost

  • News outlets integrating walkthroughs to websites so that users can feel like they are in the action.


We are actively exploring these areas constantly testing and improving but we are always searching for new innovations so watch this space.

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