Destination Marketing

for Ski Resorts

Showcase your resort to the one billion active users of street view.

In our digital era, searching on Google Street View has now become part of the process of booking a holiday. Showcase your resort in its best light, and when winter guests are browsing resorts, your streets and slopes will be snow-covered, up-to-date and looking magical

We can add new imagery of the slopes, mountain restaurants and on-piste infrastructure by updating Google Street View with our professional cameras mounted in a variety of ways. 

Here are the main reasons to map your resort with Skilled Mapping:  

  • Give your visitors easy navigation of the slopes. Mountain restaurants will be more easily found and fewer skiers will get lost, with this technology to fall back on. Beginners can experience the mountains before they take on a challenging run. People can see the intricacies of the resort, and be encouraged to visit satellite villages. Kids can show their parents the exciting runs their instructor took them on. 

  • Support your local businesses by showcasing resort attractions such as Ice Caves, shop and restaurant interiors and exteriors, both in the village or up the mountain. Showcase skiers attractions they are close to, attracting business!

  • Whistler was added to Google Street View in 2011. Since then, camera quality and clarity have come on a long way. Be at the forefront of technological change. 

  • Do you have a resort app?  You can add Street View into your app through Google’s API. The possibilities are endless. 

  • Enable skiers to download the map locating themselves even if they only have access to a GPS signal. This could also allow them to use location-sharing apps such as Whatsapp to find each other. This might also be useful for mountain rescue services. 

  • Google Street View works on many VR headsets but also on the increasingly popular google cardboard which turns modern mobiles into VR headsets allowing people to explore your resort.

  • Track aesthetic development of the piste infrastructure over time and use street view footage to plan future resort infrastructure.


What you can expect

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